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The Community and Rural Development Society (CARDS), Imphal-West, Manipur-795004 was established in the year 1976 for total development for Human Dignity, health care and socio-economic status of the poor section of the society. Realizing the inmate resources of physical, mental and economic power of backward and weaker sections of society, especially the women, the organization has taken relevant activities in the past. As a catalyst, CARDS helps the women and weaker section to become agent of social change in their respective communities. Organizing the poor and disadvantaged women into groups and helping them to identify, analyze act and ultimately enable them to create confidence and aware of women's status, health, nutrition, education, sanitation & hygiene, legal rights, women up-liftment and other socio-economic and political issues. The area of operation of the society is throughout the State of Manipur.

CARDS is a non political, nonprofit making voluntary organization registered under Societies Registration Act bearing Registration No. 1925 of 1976(M) dated 2nd July 1976. It has a general body to look after policies and programme of the organization and managed by a Managing Committee duly elected periodically. All the members in the Managing Committee are dedicated social workers. CARDS have been working for the benefits of rural poor and women mostly by raising resources from local community.

CARDS have got experienced and committed staff to work at any condition and attain good result. The following are the major activities of the organization

1. Vocational training program for women of all ages on embroidery and tailoring, Handloom weaving of women dress materials and garments, handicrafts under women empowerment for obtaining self empowerment opportunities.
2. Vocational training for educated youths of both male and female in computer operation DTP, office automation, Multimedia, Accounting etc. for earning a living in future and becoming a computer professional.
3. Rain water harvesting and program of renewable energy conservation, solar and wind power generation etc. for domestic purpose.
4. Rehabilitation of destitute women and children by setting up survival home for them.
5. Conversion of wasteland and wetland areas for development of agricultural and horticultural purpose.
6. Consumer Awareness Programme.
7. Children Home.
8. Health care program for women and children and awareness camp for the prevention of HIV/AIDS

9. Handloom Development Programme.
10. Child Labour Welfare.
11. Awareness program for old aged and setting up of old age home and prevention of child labour.
12. Multi purpose farming program for piggery, diary, duckery, poultry bee keeping etc. for economic growth of the people.
13. Handicraft Training Programme.
14. Cultivation of medicinal Plants.
15. Ecology and Environment awareness program and plantation of Fruit bearing trees at the suitable places.
16. Women & Child Health Care Camp.
In pursuing the above objectives CARD have taken up handloom project as detailed below.


Community and Rural Development Society

We belief in Community Development and have been working in the Rural areas of Manipur for their development. Show your Help & Support and assist us in the Development of the Rural People of Manipur


Community and Rural Development Society

We welcome Volunteers and People to Join us and Bring a Change in the Society. You can also become Member of Our Society.

Thematic Area
  • Empowerment of Women
  • Community Health
  • Self Help Grpoup (SHG)
  • Livelihood
  • Tribal Development
  • Water & Land Resources
  • Horticulture Based Development
Support Provider
  • NGO support Programme
  • Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP)
  • Technical Support
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Support
  • Training Support