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Manipur enjoys a distinct place amongst the Handloom zones in India. Handloom industry is the largest cottage industry in the State. This industry has been flourishing since time immemorial. One of the special features of the industry is that women are the only weavers. According to the National handloom Census Reports 1988 there are about 2.71 lakh looms in Manipur.

It is believed that Chitnu Tamitnu, a goddess, discovered the cotton and she also produced the yarn. When the threads are ready for weaving she arranged the required equipments and constructed the 'Sinnaishang' (work shed). It is also believed that the goddess Panthoibee once saw a spider producing fine threads and making cowebs and from it she found the idea of weaving and thus started weaving.

Most of the weavers who are famous for their skill and intricate designing are from Wangkhei, Bamon Kampu, Kongba, Khongman, Utlou, etc. in respect of fine silk items. The rest of the villages of the State producing, all varieties of fabrics. Tribal shawls are all varieties of fabrics. Tribal shawls with exotic designs and motifs are the products of five hill districts of the State. Fabrics and Shawls of Manipur are in great demand in the national and international market.

Today, major handloom production activities are undertaken by three Government organizations namely Manipur Development Society (MDS), Manipur Handloom and Handicrafts Development Corporation (MHHDC) and Manipur State Handloom Weavers Co-operative Society (MSHWCS).

In Manipur, more than third-fourth (76.11%) populations consisting of 18,18,224 live in the rural areas. The population density in Manipur is 107 per square Kilometers. The literacy rate of Manipur is almost 69 percent with the total literate population of 14, 29,656. The populations of Imphal East and West districts have been recorded 439780 and 444382 of which 72.6 percent and 64.2 percent populations live in rural areas. The literacy rate of both the districts East and West is above 80 percent which is higher than State average due to urban influence.

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Objectives of the Project
  • To provide gainful employment through skill training, and marketing support to the women self-help groups engaged in handloom weaving.
  • To ensure that they come up above poverty line through sustainable income generation.

Community and Rural Development Society

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Community and Rural Development Society

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Thematic Area
  • Empowerment of Women
  • Community Health
  • Self Help Grpoup (SHG)
  • Livelihood
  • Tribal Development
  • Water & Land Resources
  • Horticulture Based Development
Support Provider
  • NGO support Programme
  • Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP)
  • Technical Support
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Support
  • Training Support